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coachteammelia RT @angela_whi: @MonGirlsPrep Head coach Lynne Melia pre fight talk @LeonPaulCentre
coachteammelia RT @angela_whi: @MonGirlsPrep competing eachother in the semi final @LeonPaulCentre , great watching
coachteammelia RT @drmartintoms: Coaching kids is about supporting them to create their own self as an individual & performer. It's NOT about growing your…
coachteammelia RT @drmartintoms: Success in youth sport should be measured by how much the kids enjoy it (regardless of the result), not by how many “you”…
coachteammelia @ExploreFencing @britishfencing To be fair, it was Peter & Rhys running things. I just bopped around getting in the way! 😁

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Team Melia is dedicated to improving access to the Olympic Sport of Fencing around the Birmingham area and across the Midlands.Team Melia’s mission is to make fencing accessible to all,to help fencers aspire to do well in their chosen sport, and to help them achieve their aspirations through an holistic system of coaching that brings out the best in each individual.

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